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HONEY MASSAGE for the whole body

Yes, quite unbelievable, but this natural product can do wonders!

Honey massage is one of the massage types originating in ancient Tibet. Honey is used in this massage as a sticky substance that can pull out the “polluted” energy from the body and, by infiltrating the skin, supply the organism with its fantastic healing properties. The result is the improvement of physical state and metabolism and cleansed energy channels; it also favourably affects the digestive system and nutrient processing, as well as smoothens out the skin.

The skin absorbs the substances of honey and the remaining honey sucks in toxins, cleanses the surface of the skin and makes the skin silky, firm and smooth. The wonderful effect of honey can be felt already after the first procedure.

This massage is not recommended in cases of serious heart diseases, dilated veins, acute inflammation, tumours and certain traumas. People with allergic reactions to any of the bee products should be extra careful!

Session length 90min.  

Effects of the honey massage:

  • improves thestate of the organismas a whole;
  • strengthens and improves theimmune system;
  • cleansesand nourishes theskin, making itsilky and gentle;
  • feedsthe deepertissues,givingenergy to the body;
  • helps to eliminatetoxinsfrom the body;
  • stronglyimproves theblood flowin alllayers of the skin, as well as the whole body;
  • relaxesmuscles;
  • helps to eliminate.
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