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body massage SAMBAHANA

Sambahana involves a full body massage with a great deal of warm oil, which is usually individually chosen for every client. Universal oils can also be used.

During the massage not only the body switches off, but also weariness completely vanishes, all of the muscles relax and your body regains strength. Besides a fully positive physical effect, this massage has uniquely powerful healing abilities, because it affects both, the physical and the energetic – ethereal, emotional and mental – bodies. Thus, the finer levels of the human’s body are revived, which are the basis for spiritual weariness, which, in turn, can create physical exhaustion and even illnesses.

Session length 90 or 120min. 


  • restores harmony among the body, soul and the spirit;
  • a powerful tool against stress - calms and relaxes the nerves;
  • reduces and prevents stress and depression;
  • releases from the spiritual and, hence - the physical fatigue and tension;
  • fills the body with energy - restores vital energy reserves;
  • restores well-being and satisfaction with life;
  • improves memory and concentration skills;
  • harmonizes and provides easiness for the body and the spirit;
  • improves sleep - helps in cases of insomnia;
  • strengthens and improves immunity;
  • stimulates and improves the blood circulatory system and lymphatic circulation;
  • eliminates harmful toxins and salts;
  • improves the functioning of the intestinal tract, the digestive system and metabolism;
  • cleanses the intestinal tract;
  • regulates the thyroid function;
  • stimulates and improves the functioning of genitals and the sexual activity;
  • improves tissue oxygenation.
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