Body peeling | Nava Yoga

Body peeling

The secret for a healthy and radiant skin is in its thorough cleansing. Body peeling will gently cleanse and soften the skin, reduce the aging of the skin and increase energy as well as improve your mood. The life cycle of a skin tissue is 4 – 5 days; therefore, skin should be cleansed from the dead skin cells. The master will apply the body scrub with soft, massaging movements on a moist and clean skin, and accurately clearing or washing it afterwards.

The procedure is enjoyably relaxing.

You will sense the velvet feeling and scent of the skin throughout the whole day!

Session length 30min. 

effects of the body peeling:

  • rejuvenates the skinand improvesitsappearance;
  • removesimperfections-stretch marks, wrinkles;
  • softens the skin;
  • the skin becomes smooth, flexible and



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