The Foot Thai massage is a technique of over 3000 years of history; it was created in China and was carried by monks over to Thailand where it was enriched with the Indian reflexology methods and improved.

There are points on feet – all the projections of organs and by affecting them we can easily affect the whole body.

By working on energetic lines and points of acupuncture, the whole inner organ functions are favorably regulated. It creates a harmonious condition and intensively fills the body with life’s energy. Absolute relaxation and a surprisingly good feeling of inner comfort are achieved.

The massage is performed with hand fingers and a wooden stick, by also applying special creams and oils. It is recommended for everyone – adults, kids and middle-aged individuals (if there are no side effects). It is first of all necessary for healthy people to maintain well-being as well as prevent illnesses.

Session length 50min. 


  • creates a deep relaxation, removes tension and stress;
  • improves lymph and blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure;
  • creates a feeling of comfort, enhances self-esteem;
  • enhances the depth of sleep and prevents sleep disturbances;
  • restores emotional balance;
  • prevents indigestion;
  • improves the brain functioning and the ability to concentrate;
  • an immediate result on heavy legs, edema or varicose cases.