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Vacuum massage STARVAC

STARVAC is effectively used in beauty care (cellulite therapy, lymphatic drainage procedures and face care), medicine (physiotherapy, rheumatology and curing traumas) and sports medicine (muscle relax, discharge of lactic acid).

The innovative principles of STARVAC combine vacuum, rolling and pulling technology that creates a local mobilisation of skin and triggers a short extension of venous and lymphatic conduits. During the procedure, the discharge of toxins and liquids from intercellular space is accelerated, the blood circulation and lymphatic system is stimulated, immunity is activated and the Central Nervous System is calmed.

Session length for problematic zones 30min and for whole body 50min. 


  • skin becomes more flexible, stronger and blood circulation improves, which helps in skin toning and rejuvenation;
  • reduces scar tissues and stretch marks;
  • reduces weariness;
  • reduces muscular pain, muscle spasms;
  • tissues are supplied with oxygen, nutrients and toxins are eliminated from the body;
  • reduces swelling;
  • accelerates hematoma (insulated haemorrhage) absorption;
  • improves the lymph flow;
  • highly effective body sculpting and cellulite treatment and disposal (up to the third stage).


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